Wine 101, and a little more

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
at Boda’s Kitchen; 404 Oak St. Hood River, OR 97031


This class will offer some basic information about wine that is guaranteed to improve all of your wine experiences in the future. Cozy up with some great people in our intimate space and learn about:

  1. the fundamentals of proper tasting (there are no wrong ways to taste, but we’ll show you some techniques that will improve your tasting ability and enhance what you get from the glass.)
  2. how to describe and decipher wine structure and why it’s important (this will help you communicate what you like to future wine stewards and servers so that you get what you really want.)
  3. easy ways to take consistent wine notes (for fun, for cellar building or to maximize on tasting opportunities, it’s good practice to develop a wine notes system.)
  4. identifying exceptional wines and how to access them (We’ll help you identify exceptional wines on your own and also let you try some very exceptional wines at very exceptional prices.)

This class will be led by Nicole Backus, General Manager of Boda’s Kitchen. Nicole is a trained wine steward, certified by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

Tickets are $30 each and include instruction, wine tasting of at least five wines, light snacks and some great wine discounts.