About Us

What is Bodas?

Boda’s Kitchen is a gourmet delicatessen, market and catering company. We are passionate about using high quality, seasonal ingredients sourced locally when possible.  The Pacific Northwest and particularly the Columbia Gorge is bountiful with ingredients.  From wild-caught salmon to the ripest cherries and pears, there is little reason to look elsewhere for tasty food.

Comfort Gourmet: 

Everyone has their own favorite foods that bring them back to that happy place.  At Boda’s, we try to help you find that place by creating such classic dishes using simple, fresh ingredients and adding some excitement.  We do not shy away from flavor!

Who is Boda?

Boda aka Sirota Johnston is the owner and operator of Boda’s Kitchen.  Having been passionate about all things food, she has delved into every aspect of food and beverage her whole life.  From serving to cooking, restaurant management to catering & event management, she has experienced the gamete of food-related fields and is passionate about all things edible.  She enjoys experimenting constantly with new flavors and recipes, as well as making foods we are all familiar with, but maybe with a new twist.

The Man behind Boda:

Matt Johnston, her loving husband, has found his passion for food through the years. His previous career was in Fire and EMS. Initially he began cooking in the firehouse, and then moved on to experiment more and more at home. Since Boda’s opened he has mostly left the EMS life behind, though still holds his Paramedic license.  You can find his Barbecue Pulled Pork in our freezer for purchase or featured periodically as a daily special. It’s a customer favorite. Matt will tell you what makes it special is that it is slowly smoked with a combination of charcoal and local hardwoods. His own barbecue sauce is an added treat. You’ll also want to check out his Clam Chowder, Heirloom Tomato Basil Soup and various baked goods. Have questions about local beer? He can help, Matt is an admitted beer nerd and proud of it.